The Clock Won’t Stop

The commute into work this morning was nothing short of awful. In fact, I would much rather have waltzed into the warm, comforting arms of hellfire.

I love my job, seriously. I hate the hour and a half commute. Seriously.

Anyway, this morning I scrambled out of bed with a head full of motivation and inspiration. It’s amazing to feel so excited to start this new healthy journey. Though, I must admit, breakfast started off with a banana and an espresso. Not the most sensible meal.

My plans to cook up an omelette every morning at 5am were a bit too ambitious, it seems.

Note to self: figure out how to make healthy breakfasts on the go.

I was unhappy at 6.55am

In fact, work today was pretty hellish. Teaching unruly kids and teenagers how to speak French or German is tough at the best of times. And they’ve been insane today. On top of that, during the Christmas break, I thought it was best to sit and do nothing the whole time. This is a philosophy that has come to well and truly bite me on the arse. My workload today has been insane.

I haven’t had a chance to sit down without having something to do and this resulted in my failure to eat lunch (aside from the banana I had in my bag because it was quick)… I was just about to take my soup up to the staff room to microwave it when my Head of Department said that “we’re going to go through those written exams after school so bring along your grades and we’ll moderate them”.

Like I said, I’ve done nothing over Christmas so I ended up using my lunch to mark the papers.

It got to 6:30pm and all I had consumed was an espresso and two bananas. All of this nonsense came along with an incredible headache.

It hasn’t been the best of days.

Small mercy, L did make me a delicious one pot beef casserole for when I got home – not one processed ingredient in sight. And it was incredibly delicious.

I suppose the fact I didn’t eat too much today (like every day) is something to celebrate. Though I’m very cautious that I don’t want to celebrate eating too little: that kind of thing can lead you down a very slippery path.

Anyway… now, in ultimate teacher fashion, please enjoy a ‘What Went Well’ and an ‘Even Better If’ for today:

What went well: Declining a mound of chocolate covered shortbread many times in our faculty meeting.

Even better if: meals were planned and I mustered up the courage to cycle in the rainy dark.

Until tomorrow… 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Clock Won’t Stop

  1. Great that you were able to decline! I can never decline chocolate. It would have been better if you were able to eat on time. And I wish you had a better day. That would have been a great motivator but then there is tomorrow and day after that and many more. 🙂


  2. The first week back from break was like that for me too. I didn’t do anything over my break either, but come on, it’s called a break for a reason. Still, we teachers are expected to work far more than our actual paid hours. I don’t think most people realize that. There’s never a spare moment during the work day, and your long commute at both ends of it sounds terribly stressful. Hang in there.


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