Today, L and I went up to our local supermarket to buy loads of produce for the week ahead.

In terms of food, I decided almost straight away that I didn’t want to follow some kind of bizarre fad diet. What I want to do is cut out processed food – entirely because I believe that it’s healthier – and watch my calorie intake.

In order to achieve the former, I plan to eat only whole, single-ingredient foods. To achieve the latter, I’m using an app I’ve found on iOS called Lifesum. It’s a typical calorie counting app but it also grades your meals in terms of nutrition. I’m a teacher who’s always achieved good grades: being graded will keep me motivated, as sad and pathetic as that sounds.

Exercise-wise, I primarily plan to cycle. It’s something I’ve always loved doing and I really want to make it a proper hobby. I suppose you could kind of call this a separate resolution that merely facilitates the main one of losing weight and getting healthy. I’ll be tracking my cycle rides with Strava (another app) and posting them on my blog here 🙂

I hope you’re prepped, diary, for days and days of food pictures and exercise pictures and cycle ride rants and weight loss updates.

Tomorrow, Monday, my first day back to work, it begins!

Let’s do this!


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